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Education as a Tool for

Better Life Skills

Teaching disabled students

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Students with special needs usually live their separate life among us. They go to school and try to answer the questions that we have designed for them.

Sciences like Physics and Chemistry in Special Education Needs (SEN) classroom are surely the most interesting subjects to teach and engage students. Teachers can organise lots of activities to achieve the goals and introduce further learning objectives. The activities vary from basic street walks to demonstration or hands on class experiments. In some cases, it can also be the toughest area to teach effectively the students with significant disabilities for a variety of reasons. Implementing ICT in the learning process can facilitate and make learning process more comfortable and usefull for implementing some basic life skills.

Inclusive model of education is a process adopted by almost all countries. Differences are considered about different stages of this process in an individual country. The question about the necessity of the inclusive process is not the leading point of teachers’ discussion in the most European countries. This question has been replaced by another- "How to apply inclusion?", answer to which should be sought in the future.

There are also another set of similar issues and problems. How to provide teachers with basic training so that inclusion can work? Which methods should be applied to assure children’s progress in mainstream classes? How to ensure the conditions in this environment? How to ensure that teaching process does not lose its quality for the other students? How much will it all cost?

What are the basic life skills? What does it mean to us?

For the most of us some things are logical and they are implied. For my students after years of experince nothing is logical and nothing is implied. Teacher should consider that during planning the classes especially experimental work in sciences.

Playing motivational games and preparing for the topics.

It is hard to define time as a physical phenomenon. It is very important to know some facts about the time. It is one of the basic life skills. Knowing the time one can organize the selfservice activities like waking up, bathing, taking food, going to school or work and taking medicines.

Ordinary people usually think that time goes faster at night when they sleep and goes slower during working activities. SEN students, most of them, if the can express their activities think the same.

One of the aims of teaching topics about time is to achieve the understangs that time is always the same for all activities. As a introduction activity for this topics I usually ask my students to measure the period of time when they sleep by using their mobile phone. The y should start the stopwatch just before they go to bed and stop it in the morning after they wake up. Three after they submit the results in their experimental notebooks. Each day we start with one period of sleeping time. It is usually period about 6 or 7 hours, the exact time they spend in school. Sometimes I aks them to count the period of commuting time or film watching time and comparing them to school time during a day.

After a week they realize that time goes always in the same speed and it could not be faster or slower.