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    Marinko Petković is a Science Teacher and SEND Teacher at Milan Petrović School in Novi Sad. Passionate for Science, Space, Hands-On, ICT & STEM, Twitter, and global collaboration. The best educator of Serbia 2016, Nominee for Global Teacher Prize 2018, Ambassador of SOS4love and CERN, National Geographic Teacher and Flipgrid Teacher. Looking for universal values for disabled students all around the World. Author of the first Science textbook for disabled students. Currently preparing International edition of the book „Education As a Tool for Disabled Students“ as a part of Ph.D. Coordinator of many projects in Romania, Austria, Slovakia, Germany, and Serbia.

    Profesional motto

    As a Science Teacher I usually use:

    „If n solutions don’t work, consider that Science often uses n+1 as the final result of the problem!“

  • What I Do ?

    The secrets of my job are...


    Standing on the shoulders of giants​ - Sir Newton

    Education is important for all of us. We learn from the early beginning. Human explore the small world of mother's body and realize that light is outside. Fingers are the simply toys. After a few months they explore big world and great things beside the light. After a few years they come to school and learn about big things and the light again. After a few decades they use big things and produce light.


    We need education in all our periods of life.


    Education is power that we need for our success.

    Teachers are the lighthouse of education. 


    "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein

    Simplicity is sometimes hard. Simple life of people usually involves complex action. Students learning should be done on the simple activities, small steps. For most of the students our small step is their giant.


    A true knowledge of ourselves is knowledge of our power"

    Hale White

    Sharing knowledge is a powerful engine.


    People of little understanding are most apt to be angry when their sense is called into question.

    Samuel Richardson



    Show them how to work and you will be blessed.


    Help the young disabled students and encourage them in their efforts to learn so you can enjoy your day. 


    A Small Tagline

    Believe what they are doing. They will not make mistakes that could be visible.


    A Small Tagline

    You are never old for learning. Life is a learning process. We should learn something each day to make us stronger.


    For better future inspiration is the most important!

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  • Activities

    Here's our first troop of adventurers!

    Biodiversity Day Danube Delta - Romania


    Activities during The biodiversity day in Bucharest, Tulcea, Sfantul Gheorghe

    Raderford for Students

    School for disabled children MIlan Petrović - Novi Sad


    Group experiments for classes.

    CERN for Beginners

    Small workshop "The School Starts Soon!" - IMMO Centre -Belgrade


    Involving young children into scientific learning using game as a tool.

    Indivisible is divisible

    School for disabled children Milan Petrović - Novi Sad


    Implementing technology for better achievement in education of disabled students.

    30th Anniversary of Disaster in Pripyat, Ukranine

    School for disabled students Milan Petrović-Novi Sad

    April, 2016

    The day to remember!

    Natural Radioactivity

    School for disabled children Milan Petrović - Novi Sad


    Workshop, experiments and teaching.

    Music without Frontiers

    School for disabled children Milan Petrović - Novi Sad

    October 2, 2017

    Presentation. Songs around the world, singing together

    World Space Week

    School for disabled children Milan Petrović - Novi Sad

    October 9, 2017

    Presentation, workshop and gallery exhibition

    Global Teacher Prize 2018

    Official video for Application

    October 2017

    I am proud on my students. Thank you all!

    Serbian Preselection for Global Teacher Prize 2018

    The Winning Video at the National Preselection organized by Živojin Mišić Foundation

    Extended version of all participants.

    Project SOS for Love

    Activity ofr Project SOS for love

    Fabruary 2018

    The Creative Magic of Teaching

    Creative Magic

    March 2018

    Hero of The Day

    by Radio Signal

    June 2018

    My Teaching Story

    by Marinko Petković

    September 2018

    Hollywood Physics

    by Marinko Petković

    Design for DFS 2018

    Distance Learning for Disabled Students

    by Marinko Petković

    Design for DPD 2018

    Teaching Science to Disabled Students

    by Marinko Petković

    Design for PMF NS 2018

    CERN 2018 Exotic Physics

    by Marinko Petković & ITW 2018

    Team Work for CERN

    Why Science?

    by Marinko Petković

    Motivation for Students

    My Unique Students

    by Marinko Petković

    Final Lesson by Mr Science

    Bridges over Us

    by Marinko Petković

    Activities made Together for Students

  • Fizika 6. razred

  • Awards

    Recognition of Teaching

    Global Ambassador

    Innovation Camp 2018

    Thailand 2018

    Activities for children adjusted for disabled students.

    Flowers of friendship

    Living And Sharing Nature Together - UNESCO 2008

    Bucharest, Romania 2018

    Planting the tree of friendship in front of teh School No 69. Award was deliverd by the Mayor of Bucharest.

    The Best Educator

    Živojin Mišić Association 2016

    Belgrade, Serbia 2016

    The best educator of Serbia for 2016.

    This Teacher is our Sun

    Students' Choice - The Best Teacher 2018

    Novi Sad, Serbia 2017

    Students voted for the the Best Teacher in the school.

    The Best Innovation in Education 2017

    Belgrade, Serbia 2017

    The best and innovative in didactics for education of disabled students.

    Creative Magic of Education 2018

    Banja Vrujci, Serbia 2018

    Motivation video for teachers and students. The video represents the new approaches in education of disabled students. 

    SOS4Love 2018

    Worldwide 2018

    Activities for sharing ideas of love and understandings between the nations.

    IFC Certificate 2007

    Belgrade, Serbia 2007

    Recycling activities for disabled students.

    CERN National Week 2015

    CERN, Switzerland 2015

    Serbian National Teachers week in CERN. Understang of matter and activities that should be involved into the curriculum, Cloud Chamber.

    CERN ITW 2018

    CERN, Switzerland 2018

    International Teachers Week, activiies based on the understandings the matter and new findings in Science.

    Living and Sharing Nature Together, ACES, UNESCO, IZ Wien 2009

    Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia

    Project Coordinator in Serbia.

    Biodiversity Days, Danube Delta,

    Romania 2008-2015

    Danube Delta, Romania 2018-2015

    Coordinator for the activities for disabled students in organization of VEOLIA Environment.

    Innovation Project 2018

    By Koen Timmers

    Activities with students that help them to be part of the society.

    Hero of teh Day 2018

    By Radio Signal

    Badge for the Day of June 2018.

    Award Živojin Mišić 2016

    The Best Educator in 2016


    Award Živojin Mišić 2016

    The Best Educator in 2016


    Creative Magic 2018

    The magic of Education Banja Vrujci, Serbia


    Teaching Without Frontiers 2018

    Paraćin, Serbia 2018


    Kahoot! Certified Teacher 2018

    Bronze Certification 2018


    Kahoot! Certified Teacher 2018

    Silver Cerification 2018


    Kahoot! Certified Teacher 2018

    Gold Cerification 2018


    Kahoot! Certified Teacher 2018

    Gold Cerification 2018



    Certified Microsoft Innovative Teacher 2019

    MIE 2019


    Teaching Sustainable Development Goals

    SDG 17 by UN


    Dislexia Awareness: Partnership with Made By Dislexia

    Made By Dislexia 2019


    EU SchoolNet: Networked Teacher - Teaching in the 21st Century

    EU Schoolnet 2019


    Climate Action Project 2019

    by Koen Timmers


  • The Blog

    How do I educate students?

    What can I teach for increasing better life skills?

    How can I change the education?


    Students with special needs usually live their separate life among us. They go to school and try to answer the questions that we have designed for them. Sciences like Physics and Chemistry in Special Education Needs (SEN) classroom are surely the most interesting subjects to teach and engage...
    September 10, 2018
    Until recently, disabled children were “invisible”, since they were marginalized by our surroundings. I want to put them in the place where they belong through my activities, to help them to go through life with their heads high up, giving us all an example of how to face yourself and those who...
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